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How we were born

Finding Inspiration in Every Yard

Get Carded is the little sister company to Green Turtle Designs (GTD), which is family-owned and run.  I (Chuck) the owner of GTD noticed that we were making so many yard signs for graduations and birthdays. With that Get carded was born during the springtime of the covid-19 global pandemic. This service was in need to help families, businesses, and people, in general, celebrate events while social distancing. So I used this business to teach my son Bobby and instill a good work ethic. I feel like kids these days don't know what the meaning of work is anymore. 

We order three basic cookie-cutter yard card sets(1 Graduation & 2 Birthday) from a wholesaler. We practiced setting them up in our front yard and then started advertising them on Facebook. We have since then sold those three sets and now only have full custom sets may by our big brother company Green Turtle Designs. This helps up stand out above all the rest of the companies. Bobby helps with all design ideas and makes the final approval on all yard signs designs since then. Let us know when we can help you celebrate your next upcoming event!

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